Apache Server For Windows

Little Black Book

(Japanese Version Available)

Published By Coriolis Technology Press – February 1999
ISBN 1-57610-391-9

Apache Server For Windows - English I had the honor of co-authoring this book with Greg Holden, as well as being a Technical Editor for the book.

Apache Server for Windows Little Black Book is about 350 pages of ‘Indispensable Problem Solving’, covering a wide range of topics regarding the Apache Webserver on the Windows platform. Here’s the chapter breakdown:

  • Chapter 1 Getting Started With Apache
  • Chapter 2 Working With The Configuration Files
  • Chapter 3 Organizing Your Web Site
  • Chapter 4 Configuring Virtual Hosts
  • Chapter 5 Extending Apache’s Power With Modules
  • Chapter 6 Content Handling With Apache
  • Chapter 7  MakiApache Server For Windows - Japaneseng You Site Dynamic Through CGI
  • Chapter 8 Using Server-Side Includes
  • Chapter 9 Authentication
  • Chapter 10 Image Maps And Redirection
  • Chapter 11 Tracking You Server’s Activity
  • Chapter 12 Keeping Your Apache Site Secure
  • Chapter 13 Proxy Serving With Apache
  • Chapter 14 Electronic Commerce Schemes
  • Chapter 15 The Apache API
  • Chapter 16 Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

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