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Ruby 2 From Source on CentOS 6.4

Ruby‘s autoconf doesn’t alert you to the fact that your system doesn’t have everything it could use. It’ll blindly clear you even though, for example, nothing crypto-related will work. On a fresh CentOS 6.4 install (with EPEL) the following will … Continue reading

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Which Oar Best Rows The Boat

Ted Dzuiba wrote a post that boiled down to identifying his own “language bigotry” as a step along the way to software engineering “Mastery”. He’s absolutely correct about introspecting why one chooses to “fight” other languages. And by saying “languages” I could … Continue reading

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A Rebuttal of a Rebuttal…

Somehow, while clicking away at the Internet, I managed to get to this blog post, which is a rebuttal of this article by Cory Doctrow about cloud computing. Please keep in mind I dislike most of the things that come … Continue reading

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