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CopyFS Update

Years ago I added features to CopyFS 1.0, then 1.0.1 came out and I never bothered to forward-port my changes. After spending some time moving, merging, rebasing, etc. in git this morning, CopyFS 1.3.1M is CopyFS 1.0.1 + CopyFS 1.3M. … Continue reading

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Ruby Hash Extensions

As I mentioned before, one of the nice things about Ruby is its malleability. Here are a couple extensions to the Ruby Hash object: class ::Hash def random return self.keys[rand(self.size)] end def byValue(subKey) if subKey self.sort_by {|key, value| value[subKey]}.reverse else … Continue reading

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Ruby 2 From Source on CentOS 6.4

Ruby‘s autoconf doesn’t alert you to the fact that your system doesn’t have everything it could use. It’ll blindly clear you even though, for example, nothing crypto-related will work. On a fresh CentOS 6.4 install (with EPEL) the following will … Continue reading

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Ruby String.each

While I find Ruby to be a half-assed attempt at an object-oriented Perl, I have been using it quite a bit lately to stay consistent with a lot of existing intellectual property. One of the more maddening things is that … Continue reading

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MySQL com_select Nugget

The com_select counter isn’t a raw count of how many SELECT operations the server has performed, but rather the number of SELECT operations that did not get returned from the query cache. To see the real number of SELECTs (assuming … Continue reading

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SPDY for Apache

Mod_SPDY for Apache is out. If you don’t know what SPDY is, I’d recommend some light reading … or heavy reading if you’re that kind of person.  

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NConf 1.3.0 Pass-through HTTPD Auth

If you’d like to use NConf, but want your HTTPD, e.g. Apache, to do the auth for it, apply the below patch to set the NConf user to the currently authenticated user. — include/head.php.orig    2012-04-03 19:34:13.774594705 +0000 +++ include/head.php    2012-04-03 … Continue reading

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Caching Functions In Perl

Synopsis There are occasions, where you write a function that takes some parameters and outputs consistentish data. Example: sub add { my($first,$second)=@_; return $first + $second; } If you call add(1,1) you get 2: always. Consistent input yields consistent output. … Continue reading

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Sorting Strings Ending In Numbers In Perl

Synopsis I deal with a lot of names that look like “somedumbserver2” and “somedumbserver15”. Using Perl’s default sort, “somedumbserver2” comes before “somedumbserver15” because the character “2” is greater than the character “1”, and that’s where the sort stops.  This sort, … Continue reading

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Fixing Mis-cased URIs Under Apache

Synopsis This is rather old code, but saved my bacon more than once.Runs under Apache with Mod_Perl, and corrects the URI requested when it is giving lazily. Thus a request for “/INDEX.HTML” is rewritten to “/index.html” as appropriate. Code =head1 … Continue reading

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