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A[nother] Call To Arms

Bruce Schneier’s latest essay, essentially Battle For The Internet, is another well-defined look at the past, present, and possible futures given the current climate of pervasive government surveillance and over-politicization of what should be the neutral network. This won’t be … Continue reading

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud Breached At Least Twice

So The Verge is reporting Adobe’s “Everything-Changing” “Creative Cloud” has been breached a couple times, dishing out all sorts of nice data about a few million users to the attackers. They fall back on the “don’t worry, your data was … Continue reading

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Out Of The Clouds

Dear Everyone: You’re understandably upset that some of the world’s governments have been and will continue to spy on you. This is your fault. You kept shipping your data to “the cloud”. You kept outsourcing your local services to “cloud … Continue reading

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Which Oar Best Rows The Boat

Ted Dzuiba wrote a post that boiled down to identifying his own “language bigotry” as a step along the way to software engineering “Mastery”. He’s absolutely correct about introspecting why one chooses to “fight” other languages. And by saying “languages” I could … Continue reading

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SSL CAs Are An Unnecessary Evil

I’ve talked about this to numerous groups, going back to 1999, but seems I’ve never done so publicly. Certificate Authorities are completely unnecessary. “OH MY GOD HOW DO WE MAINTAIN THE WEB OF TRUST?!” you scream. Easy, the same way … Continue reading

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Open Response to Open Letter to the Netatalk Community

I can’t help but notice that you seem to think yourself above some pretty important facts with the coup you appear to be attempting towards Netatalk. First, and most importantly, while there are currently only a small handful of devs, … Continue reading

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Congratulations Xen

Xen is now in the mainline kernel, where KVM has been since Feburary 2007. Xen is still a completely separate kernel, with completely separate interfaces. Xen may now be in Linux, but still is not Linux.

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GPS Jamming: For Fun Or Profit

From this /. article. I’ve written about the dangers of relying on GPS previously. “A simple $30 GPS jammer made in China can ruin your day. It doesn’t just affect your car’s navigation — ATM machines, cell phone towers, plane, … Continue reading

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Droid 2 First Look

I’ve had a Droid 2 Global for a bit now, but hadn’t switched my active number over from my original Droid, until yesterday… After a solid day with it, I generally mostly like it. Pros: Much MUCH faster. Keyboard is … Continue reading

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The Next Five Years of IT Personnel

[NOTE: This essay was commissioned by a client in December 2006. It’s the fifth in a series of old-yet-relevant position-papers whose exclusivity has expired, that I’m editing and posting. Things for the next five look “similar”. There is no formal … Continue reading

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