Droid 2 First Look

I’ve had a Droid 2 Global for a bit now, but hadn’t switched my active number over from my original Droid, until yesterday… After a solid day with it, I generally mostly like it.

Pros: Much MUCH faster. Keyboard is very responsive and easier to use. SIM-slot for international use is very cool. The battery seems to be much more tolerant of prolonged use. The screen is very very clear. It definitely feel like and upgrade instead of just a revision. Very nice.

Cons: The D2 versions of the stock apps are… not as nice. e.g. The messaging display uses 20% more real estate to present speech bubbles, instead of the D1 linear rows: In short, you see less messages per screen on a D2. Unlocking the phone with a custom code or pattern requires the standard swipe-to-unlock and the custom code, instead of just the custom code. Oh, and none of your D1 accessories, except for the charge cables, will work.

If your D1 is getting long in the tooth, this is a natural and valuable upgrade path. I like.

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