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AWS EC2 Reserved Instance Auditing

If you’re running instances atop AWS, you’re probably at least bleeding money. If you don’t know what reserved instances are and/or aren’t using them, you are hemorrhaging money. One of the worst parts of AWS billing, is that they don’t … Continue reading

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Losing Aaron

Boston Magazine has published a very powerful interview with Bob Swartz, father of Aaron Swartz, nearing the anniversary of his death. I cried.

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Building Mapserver 6.4 and Mapcache 1.2 on Amazon Linux

  More for me than anything else, but building and installing Mapserver and its cache from source can be a pain. echo “/usr/local/lib” > /etc/ yum install libpng-devel libjpeg-turbo-devel gdal-devel libxml2-devel geos-devel cairo-devel gd gd-devel giflib-devel mysql-devel freetype-devel fribidi-devel proj-devel … Continue reading

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A[nother] Call To Arms

Bruce Schneier’s latest essay, essentially Battle For The Internet, is another well-defined look at the past, present, and possible futures given the current climate of pervasive government surveillance and over-politicization of what should be the neutral network. This won’t be … Continue reading

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud Breached At Least Twice

So The Verge is reporting Adobe’s “Everything-Changing” “Creative Cloud” has been breached a couple times, dishing out all sorts of nice data about a few million users to the attackers. They fall back on the “don’t worry, your data was … Continue reading

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CopyFS Update

Years ago I added features to CopyFS 1.0, then 1.0.1 came out and I never bothered to forward-port my changes. After spending some time moving, merging, rebasing, etc. in git this morning, CopyFS 1.3.1M is CopyFS 1.0.1 + CopyFS 1.3M. … Continue reading

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Ruby Hash Extensions

As I mentioned before, one of the nice things about Ruby is its malleability. Here are a couple extensions to the Ruby Hash object: class ::Hash def random return self.keys[rand(self.size)] end def byValue(subKey) if subKey self.sort_by {|key, value| value[subKey]}.reverse else … Continue reading

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Ruby 2 From Source on CentOS 6.4

Ruby‘s autoconf doesn’t alert you to the fact that your system doesn’t have everything it could use. It’ll blindly clear you even though, for example, nothing crypto-related will work. On a fresh CentOS 6.4 install (with EPEL) the following will … Continue reading

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Out Of The Clouds

Dear Everyone: You’re understandably upset that some of the world’s governments have been and will continue to spy on you. This is your fault. You kept shipping your data to “the cloud”. You kept outsourcing your local services to “cloud … Continue reading

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Which Oar Best Rows The Boat

Ted Dzuiba wrote a post that boiled down to identifying his own “language bigotry” as a step along the way to software engineering “Mastery”. He’s absolutely correct about introspecting¬†why¬†one chooses to “fight” other languages. And by saying “languages” I could … Continue reading

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