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SPDY for Apache

Mod_SPDY for Apache is out. If you don’t know what SPDY is, I’d recommend some light reading … or heavy reading if you’re that kind of person.  

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Video Captcha Prior Art

Nucaptcha claims to have invented video captchas. They didn’t. Neither did I, proabably, but I have talked about them publicly a few times, including this blog post from 2009.

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Installing OpenQRM 4.7 on Fedora 14

OpenQRM 4.7 doesn’t compile cleanly on Fedora 14 (x64, but I don’t think that matters for this bug), and coercing it to do so isn’t the cleanest trick. The problem is actually with Busybox 1.14.2 that is automatically downloaded and … Continue reading

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Droid 2 First Look

I’ve had a Droid 2 Global for a bit now, but hadn’t switched my active number over from my original Droid, until yesterday… After a solid day with it, I generally mostly like it. Pros: Much MUCH faster. Keyboard is … Continue reading

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As you may or may not have heard, some monkeys  at Google have been working on a “new” language called Go. Several features of the language interested me, and as such I’ve spent around 200 hours writing and debugging in … Continue reading

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RIP Nortel

[UPDATE: Avaya did indeed win the auction, for nearly twice their stalking-horse price. We’ll see how that plays out.] This Friday, Nortel’s enterprise products division will be auctioned. Avaya is the stalking-horse, with numerous other companies additionally submitting bids. If … Continue reading

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Levanta Intrepid

[NOTE: This was written a while ago] [UPDATE: Levanta is toast]. Remember LinuxCare? That ambitious start-up back-in-the-day that wanted to revolutionize Linux support? Yeah, they died. But from the ashes rose Levanta. Unlike LinuxCare, Levanta has been studiously working on … Continue reading

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