Installing OpenQRM 4.7 on Fedora 14

OpenQRM 4.7 doesn’t compile cleanly on Fedora 14 (x64, but I don’t think that matters for this bug), and coercing it to do so isn’t the cleanest trick. The problem is actually with Busybox 1.14.2 that is automatically downloaded and compiled, but we have to work around that.

Download the openqrm source, or check out the code from their repo, change into the working directory and do a ‘make rpm’ (or ‘make’ … and then ‘make rpm’ if you prefer). NOTE: you’ll probably need to do a ‘mkdir -p /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES’ to get the rpmbuild process to get anywhere.

After ‘make rpm’ fails to make anything other than openqrm-entire.rpm (which is not all you need) I recommend ‘cd ~/rpmbuild; rm -Rf SOURCES; ln -s /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES ./’ – this will save you from having to manually copy stuff because of path inconsistencies in the openqrm build system.

Regardless as to whether you follow my tip above, you’ll need to go into the buildtmp/busybox/ folder that openqrm has created. There’s likely two folders there, source/ and busybox-1.14.2/ … ‘rm -Rf busybox-1.14.2’ to clean that out, and the ‘cd source’. There you’ll find the source archive. ‘tar -xjf busybox-1.14.2.tar.bz2’ to extract it, then delete the archive ‘rm -f busybox-1.14.2.tar.bz2’. Change into the source directory root, edit the Makefile with your favorite text editor, and at line 422, replace ‘config %config’ with just ‘%config’. At line 1270, replace ‘/ %/’ with just ‘%/’. When done, ‘cd ..’ and ‘tar -cjf busybox-1.14.2.tar.bz2 busybox-1.14.2/’ to create a new archive of the modified source we have. ‘rm -Rf busybox-1.14.2/’ to clean up, and you’re practically done.

Change your directory back to the root of the source build, and do a ‘make rpm’ again. OpenQRM’s intelligent build system will notice it has already downloaded busybox, and just unpack and build it… correctly this time. After some more waiting you’ll have three useful RPMs in the rpmbuild/RPMS/ folder – and can install them anywhere.

OH, one more thing: when you install it at launch the web interface, you’ll probably notice a whole lot of PHP code as ambient background. You may not prefer this. edit ‘/usr/share/openqrm/web/base/class/htmlobject.form.class.php’ and the very first line which says ‘<?’ should be ‘<?php’ and you should now be able to clearly read your webpages. Magical.

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4 Responses to Installing OpenQRM 4.7 on Fedora 14

  1. dood says:

    The last part can be done by setting /etc/php.ini short_open_tag variable to on

  2. M@ says:

    Absolutely, and if more than one file of the bajillion there were this way, that would be the solution I would advocate. However, as it was just one, it obviously was an oversight, and this is the appropriate solution vs. changing a system-wide config.

  3. nito says:

    I could not build all rpms from the 4.7 tarball; even after the busybox fix it only built the openqrm-entire rpm. It did worked when checked it out of svn; however, it still needed the busybox fix.

  4. sullivan says:

    Just working on this today, have a few small additions if you want to throw them above. The path for “Dropbear” has changed; to fix modify the file “SOURCE_FOLDER/etc/build.conf/dropbear.conf”, change the line to be:

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