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Losing Aaron

Boston Magazine has published a very powerful interview with Bob Swartz, father of Aaron Swartz, nearing the anniversary of his death. I cried.

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A[nother] Call To Arms

Bruce Schneier’s latest essay, essentially Battle For The Internet, is another well-defined look at the past, present, and possible futures given the current climate of pervasive government surveillance and over-politicization of what should be the neutral network. This won’t be … Continue reading

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud Breached At Least Twice

So The Verge is reporting Adobe’s “Everything-Changing” “Creative Cloud” has been breached a couple times, dishing out all sorts of nice data about a few million users to the attackers. They fall back on the “don’t worry, your data was … Continue reading

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Out Of The Clouds

Dear Everyone: You’re understandably upset that some of the world’s governments have been and will continue to spy on you. This is your fault. You kept shipping your data to “the cloud”. You kept outsourcing your local services to “cloud … Continue reading

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Which Oar Best Rows The Boat

Ted Dzuiba wrote a post that boiled down to identifying his own “language bigotry” as a step along the way to software engineering “Mastery”. He’s absolutely correct about introspecting why one chooses to “fight” other languages. And by saying “languages” I could … Continue reading

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Video Captcha Prior Art

Nucaptcha claims to have invented video captchas. They didn’t. Neither did I, proabably, but I have talked about them publicly a few times, including this blog post from 2009.

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Reliance On GPS Is A Liability

I’ve written a couple times previously about how we shouldn’t rely on GPS solely. It appears the US government might have just come to that conclusion as well. GPS is awesome, but it cannot be the only mechanism used for … Continue reading

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GPS Jamming: For Fun Or Profit

From this /. article. I’ve written about the dangers of relying on GPS previously. “A simple $30 GPS jammer made in China can ruin your day. It doesn’t just affect your car’s navigation — ATM machines, cell phone towers, plane, … Continue reading

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The Risk of Aircraft Navigation Modernization

We love technology. If you’re reading this, you at least can use a computer, possibly have an RSS reader, probably have an interest in geeky things, so I don’t need to go into proving that statement, methinks. One problem with … Continue reading

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MySpace Openly Selling User Data

Per this  /. post, MySpace is now openly selling user data. If you don’t think FaceBook et. al. can and will (and do) do the same when it benefits them, you’re sorely mistaken. “one-time leading social network is now selling … Continue reading

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