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For whatever reason I’ve never posted recipes on-line. Which is weird, because I handwrite them on $^#$@%$ index cards for people. So I’ve created a new category for recipes and hope to update it soonish and on-going.

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They Lie Because They Can

Bruce has an excellent post about the data you’re voluntarilly giving to corporations. While he takes a consumerist view, and makes excuses for you frittering away your privacy (which I’m sure you’ll appreciate), the meat of this article is that … Continue reading

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Kill Your TV

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate TV. What a waste of time. Parents who plug in their kids shouldn’t have kids. Kids need to be doing THINGS, building motor and cognitive skills vastly beyond what the Dummy … Continue reading

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[Essay] The Myth of the Modern Knowledge Worker

After rewriting the conclusion more times than I can count, I decided to yank it all out and end it abruptly. So, yeah, here’s the essay, finally.

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Of Hemlines and Oars

naach na jaane aangan tedha Aada theriyadhava koodam konal endralam Árinni kennir illur ræðari Buruk muka, cermin dibelah Altíð bagir illum barni okkurt ZÅ‚ej baletnicy przeszkadza rÄ…bek u spódnicy Whether the proverb is Hindi, Tamil, Norse, Malay, Farose, Polish or … Continue reading

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A student asked me in class last night, how I “keep up” with changes in technology. Without hesitation I answered “by doing”. People frequently think there is some magic to being good at something. There isn’t. Whether we’re talking about … Continue reading

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NIN @ Scotiabank Place

Despite the worst opening act I’ve ever experienced, Trent Reznor and his touring group erased the bad karma and pulled off an astounding, dazzling, technophilic masterpiece last night. The “Lights In The Sky” tour really is everything it’s hyped to … Continue reading

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Tis The Season

When squirrels outnumber sunbathers around campus; When geese bombard my house with poop; When my “neighbor” blows their leaves into my lawn; It is time to grow my hair out. It amazes me, annually, how different people treat you when … Continue reading

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Grading Sucks

Multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions are probably easy – Very black and white. Subjective grading of projects and papers just completely sucks. I have students who I know busted their hump and did a lot of research and probably learned … Continue reading

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Dear Asshole,

You may have thought it was amusing to book a week at a posh Malaysian resort with my credit card. You may have thought yourself shrewd because you tactfully made the reservation the first day of the new billing cycle, … Continue reading

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