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Which Oar Best Rows The Boat

Ted Dzuiba wrote a post that boiled down to identifying his own “language bigotry” as a step along the way to software engineering “Mastery”. He’s absolutely correct about introspecting why one chooses to “fight” other languages. And by saying “languages” I could … Continue reading

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Use MongoDB

So an Anonymous Coward’s pastebin rant against MongoDB has an awful lot of legs. I circulated a few thoughts yesterday morning to head-off the inevitable concerns of “um, we’re doing a lot with Mongo, and now I’m nervous”: [It] really … Continue reading

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Dear MongoDB

Dear MongoDB, I would like to use the positional operators you have for updates, ala ‘user.$.name’, in the field selectors for queries, ala find({“user.name”: “Matt”},{“user.$.address”}) such that I can see only the fields of that sub-document/sub-object in my return data … Continue reading

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