Nagios Tray 2

Nagios Tray OptionsNagios Tray 2 is done and has been out the door for a few days now. It’s basically an 80% rewrite with several new features, the biggest and most obvious is a 100% registry key exposal via the new Options panel (image right). This puppy pops up the first time you install NagTray, and everytime you up or down -grade. Could still be bugs, but several people use it daily and haven’t balked yet.

Nagios Applet will have a new release soonish too, but not until I get some other projects finished up.

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  2. José Antonio Matute Calvo says:


    First of all, congratulations for your excellent tool Nagios Tray. It works really nice but …. (always there are a “but”… 🙂 dosn’t works for me. Let me explain:

    – When I’m in my house all works fine.
    – When I’m on work (behind a proxy that requieres authentication) doesn’t work 🙁

    ¿Any help?

    PD: I’m try to modify source code but seem that some file are missing: systray.bas, marray.bas, ….

    Best regards

  3. M says:

    Jose- Thanks for the note. I have the controls set to ‘icUseDefault’ which Microsoft defines as “The control uses default settings found in the registry to access the internet. Is your computer set up to use the proxy?

  4. José Antonio Matute Calvo says:

    Yes, when I’m at work, are behind an authenticathed proxy (requieres use NTLM auth or user / password). That’s the problem 🙂

    Thanks for your support.

  5. Peppe says:

    Norton AV find Bloodhound.SONAR.1. Why?

  6. M says:

    According to Symantec (see this link), Bloodhound means they think it’s a trojan, but they’re not sure. I would recommended submitting it to them per their instructions. There is no Trojan or Trojan-like code or behavior with Nagios Tray, and as the source code is released with it, that will speak for itself.

  7. Jeff Morris says:

    Is there any chance I could get a complete copy of the source code? This is a great app and I would love to tweak it a little bit for my own personal needs, but as Jose mentioned above, there are a number of dependencies not included in the source zip file. Specifically: systray.bas, hash.cls, MArray.cls, regexpMod.bas, and Sound.bas. I was able to locate systray.bas in the unsupported tools section of the VB6 enterprise CD, and I found a versions of the hash.cls class on the ‘net, but I have no idea if these are the correct files for your app. And I can not find the remaining three dependencies anywhere. Thanks!

  8. M says:

    Jeff – I’ll e-mail you the missing files shortly.

  9. Rob Donachie says:

    Could you also send me the missing files? The application has major benefits over watching the Nagios webpage. I had programmed a mini web page to do something similiar, but it did not minimise to the systray, this option is so much better. I wish to add a few ideas I had on my webpage. Thanks for the idea and the source code!

  10. Hi!
    Nice tool! I would also like to tweak it a bit, but cannot find some of the missing classes and Modules:
    systray.bas, hash.cls, MArray.cls, regexpMod.bas, and Sound.bas
    Could you please send them to me also?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. M says:

    New version will be released very shortly, and will have all of the necessary files included.

  12. Good to hear! Thanks in advance! Will check regularly.. What’s new in the new version?

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