Overscheduled Children

I went in to work on Saturday morning to get my laptop, and on my way out a little girl- maybe 4- and her father are leaving from a function. She asks him “Can I play in the snow, daddy?” on a balmy, sunny, fresh-snow morning… “No, we have to get you to ballet”, he replies. “How about after that?” “No, then you’ve got painting”.

WHAT THE FUCK?! What is more important than having a little fun in the snow with your daughter? Ballet? Painting? I think not. I know I’m a little different on this topic. In my house, we ate meals together every night, we played board games together, and my father made damn certain that he would not be the Cat’s in the Cradle father. We went sledding, and had snowball fightsish, and what not. A LOT. Our whole family spent a lot of time together, and on many occasion we’d just go do something random- Together.

Carpe diem.

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