Dragon Omelette

Another perfection from college, when my myriad of omelettes were frequently-requested specialties, but refined slightly… Now with sea salt. 🙂

2-4 large eggs per person
1 tsp water per egg
1 drop Dave’s Insanity Sauce for every 3-4 eggs  (If you don’t have an even multiple of 3-4, round down)
several dashes of sea salt
little bit of butter or margarine
grated extra sharp cheddar cheese
several twists of black pepper from a pepper grinder
1 gallon orange juice

Crack eggs into Pyrex 2+ Cup measure or other glass bowlish-thing. Add one tsp water per egg, stir briskly with stainless steel fork (no wisk, please, thanks) until frothing and well-mixed. Carefully add  1 drop Dave’s Insanity Sauce for every 3-4 eggs, and sea salt. Coat large non-stick fry-pan with just enough butter or margarine to get it going. Pour in egg mixture and make a couple passes over it with a black pepper grinder. Cook  covered (with a cookie-sheet, if necessary) over medium heat until it looks “done”. From time-to-time, pop the “tumors” that will inevitably rise up with spatula, trying to keep things as even as possible.

When “done”, uncover, and add substantial gobs of cheese to exactly one-half of the omelette. You can, of course, add other things to the same one-half, but with Dragon Omelettes you’ll quickly learn that complexity is not your friend- cheese and large glasses of orange juice are. Fold the omelette with a spatula (or two, if necessary) such that the uncheesed half is flopped on top of the cheesed half. Make a brief pass with some sea salt and pepper grinder atop this gorgeous meal, and then cook covered over low heat for about 1.5 minutes, just to let the cheese melt.

Divide into appropriate portions, and serve with ample amounts of orange juice and breakfast pastries/English muffins/bagels/whatever.

Serves as many as you like (as long as you have a large enough pan), in about 20 minutes total.

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