Redundant Array of Independent Datacenters

I used a phrase last night/this morning that I use to refer to distributed datacenter architecture, and afterwards decided to google it. It seems that while Cisco mentioned it a lot in 2010, I beat them by a few years in describing and naming the concept of a Redundant Array of Independent Datacenters – and other than that, it has received almost no searchable results. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my communications about this were in-person, but a zgrep of my mail archives did return  a few hits, the below being the oldest. I thought that was cool. A more informative post forthcoming as time allows.

Subject: Quick Reply
From: Matthew Keller <[REDACT]>
Date: 06 Dec 2002 12:21:30 -0500


I got your vmail and think we're on the same page. Basically thinking
about it like storage, but a Redundant Array of Independent 
Datacenters, if you will. Between the 3 or 4 of us, there is no 
reason we can't make the JNOC idea work, and really save all of 
us a lot of time and energy. Let me know when you get back from 
vacation and we'll chat more. 

Thanks again for your call,

Matthew Keller
Enterprise Systems Analyst


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