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They Lie Because They Can

Bruce has an excellent post about the data you’re voluntarilly giving to corporations. While he takes a consumerist view, and makes excuses for you frittering away your privacy (which I’m sure you’ll appreciate), the meat of this article is that … Continue reading

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Beating CAPTCHA-Crackers

Everyone is in this arms-race. Those who make CAPTCHAs, and those who want to crack them. The solution for the former is simple: Animate them. I’m not talking about making a 6-frame looping GIF, whereby the cracker can steal a … Continue reading

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[Essay] The Myth of the Modern Knowledge Worker

After rewriting the conclusion more times than I can count, I decided to yank it all out and end it abruptly. So, yeah, here’s the essay, finally.

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Of Hemlines and Oars

naach na jaane aangan tedha Aada theriyadhava koodam konal endralam Árinni kennir illur ræðari Buruk muka, cermin dibelah Altíð bagir illum barni okkurt Złej baletnicy przeszkadza rąbek u spódnicy Whether the proverb is Hindi, Tamil, Norse, Malay, Farose, Polish or … Continue reading

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Levanta Intrepid

[NOTE: This was written a while ago] [UPDATE: Levanta is toast]. Remember LinuxCare? That ambitious start-up back-in-the-day that wanted to revolutionize Linux support? Yeah, they died. But from the ashes rose Levanta. Unlike LinuxCare, Levanta has been studiously working on … Continue reading

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All IMAP Servers Are Not Created Equal

Many moons ago, we decided to move away from the old standard POP -based e-mail, and offer/promote IMAP instead. The paradigms are drastically different. With POP, users log in and [are supposed to] download their mail to their local computer. … Continue reading

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Relative Labor Value: Aka Stars Amongst Superstars

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend with a couple old friends. It’s an ages-old topic, and I don’t pretend to be profound in my revelations, on it. But it’s come up in a number of areas in my … Continue reading

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What Bruce Said

I agree completely.

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The Myth of the Modern Knowledge Worker, Part 4: Kids These Days

I’m not old, nor very far removed from recent college graduates. A significant difference between my peer group and recent graduates is “work ethic”. In conversations with my age-similar colleagues, we all observe pretty much the same thing: Recent grads … Continue reading

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"It’s better when you win it"

I‘ve observed for several years now, that a lot of people who participate in online auctions have a very different perception of reality, economy, and capitalism than I do. Hearing phrases like “I won that on eBay” have always made … Continue reading

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