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Reliance On GPS Is A Liability

I’ve written a couple times previously about how we shouldn’t rely on GPS solely. It appears the US government might have just come to that conclusion as well. GPS is awesome, but it cannot be the only mechanism used for … Continue reading

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Use MongoDB

So an Anonymous Coward’s pastebin rant against MongoDB has an awful lot of legs. I circulated a few thoughts yesterday morning to head-off the inevitable concerns of “um, we’re doing a lot with Mongo, and now I’m nervous”: [It] really … Continue reading

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SSL CAs Are An Unnecessary Evil

I’ve talked about this to numerous groups, going back to 1999, but seems I’ve never done so publicly. Certificate Authorities are completely unnecessary. “OH MY GOD HOW DO WE MAINTAIN THE WEB OF TRUST?!” you scream. Easy, the same way … Continue reading

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Redundant Array of Independent Datacenters

I used a phrase last night/this morning that I use to refer to distributed datacenter architecture, and afterwards decided to google it. It seems that while Cisco mentioned it a lot in 2010, I beat them by a few years … Continue reading

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Open Response to Open Letter to the Netatalk Community

I can’t help but notice that you seem to think yourself above some pretty important facts with the coup you appear to be attempting towards Netatalk. First, and most importantly, while there are currently only a small handful of devs, … Continue reading

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Apple Touchscreen Patent – Invalid

You may be surprised to learn that Apple was granted, essentially, a patent on touchscreen computing. (and yes, I know it’s N-finger, so technically it’s multi-touch.. regardless) There is TONS of prior art to invalidate this, and I have in … Continue reading

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Dear MongoDB

Dear MongoDB, I would like to use the positional operators you have for updates, ala ‘user.$.name’, in the field selectors for queries, ala find({“”: “Matt”},{“user.$.address”}) such that I can see only the fields of that sub-document/sub-object in my return data … Continue reading

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Congratulations Xen

Xen is now in the mainline kernel, where KVM has been since Feburary 2007. Xen is still a completely separate kernel, with completely separate interfaces. Xen may now be in Linux, but still is not Linux.

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Case: Large menu system where different users use different items more often than others. Some spend 80% of their time in <5% of the options, some spend 60% of their time in the least used 10% of the options. Problem: … Continue reading

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GPS Jamming: For Fun Or Profit

From this /. article. I’ve written about the dangers of relying on GPS previously. “A simple $30 GPS jammer made in China can ruin your day. It doesn’t just affect your car’s navigation — ATM machines, cell phone towers, plane, … Continue reading

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